Experience of God #9

Many well meaning Christians often state that someone who values the experience of God’s love, in the beauty of Union, in a tangible way is just relying on feelings instead of having faith. ‘It’s all about the feels…” “Emotionally driven and unstable Christians…” I’m sure they mean well, Often people think because of the way […]

Experience of God #8

Myself and a group of other young punks in our church started a Sunday evening meeting. It wasn’t meant to compete with the morning meeting which is much more family oriented and structured. It was for people who desired to have an extended time of worship, prayer and a chance to interact with God more. […]

Experience of God #7

Hey. So As I said in a previous post, I am an Electrician by trade and I have another work related story of God making Himself known. A coworker and myself were replacing emergency lighting in a home for the elderly when something quite surprising happened whilst we were talking. All of my coworkers knew […]

Experience of God #6

So, Carrying on from my previous post, I’d joined a church, I’d been smacked up to the gills on the presence of God when one of the church leaders prayed for me. I loved it! Skip forward a bit. I knew I wanted to get baptised. In my Church baptism is a serious thing, it […]

Experience of God #5

Hey guys! So, I’d been a Christian for about 18 months, my girl had left around 6 months previous. I’d had several interactions with God that certainly made me aware He was real and there for me. (See previous posts). However, I was now presented with the fact that I was a coward. Why was […]

Experience of God #4

Hey you lovely boys and girls! So, last time I spoke a little about how God helped me out at work when I was a yellow bellied, just out of my apprenticeship kid. He helped me out at work spectacularly on three different occasions. I only shared one as I’m not giving a full list […]

Experience with God #3

So. I’d become a Christian, but I was not part of a church yet. Nobody had brainwashed me, I just decided to ask God if He was real and give him time. Id read scripture for several hours each day. I’d speak to him. In the process I’d had a couple of experiences which would […]

Experience of God #2

In my last post I shared that I was provoked into looking into whether there is a God or not through the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. That was Sept 11th 2001. I also shared that My girlfriend at the time was an atheist and didn’t like the fact that I was becoming […]

Experience of God. #1

Since I’ve been on twitter, I’ve been involved in many tweet fights with angry atheism/anti theism. Something that is always communicated is that subjective experience of God doesn’t prove His existence. How advantageous for the atheist argument?! It might not be proof for the atheist, but it is for anyone these experiences are being effected […]